2017 Declaration of Relevant Financial Relationships

The SMRT is committed to:

  1. Ensuring balance, independence, objectivity and scientific rigor in all Continuing Education programs, and
  2. Presenting Continuing Education activities that promote improvements or quality in healthcare and are independent of commercial interests.

To ensure balance, independence, objectivity and scientific rigor in all Continuing Education programs it is the
policy of the SMRT that any person who has influence over the content of a program designated for Category A CE Credit or CPD must disclose any real or apparent financial interest or other relationship (i.e., grants, research support, consultant, honoraria) that the individual may have with the manufacturers, distributors, or providers of any commercial products or services that may be discussed in the presentation.

SMRT does not imply that such financial interests or relationships are inherently improper or that such interests or relationships would prevent the speaker from making an objective contribution. However, it is imperative that such financial interests or relationships be identified so that participants at the Continuing Education activity may have these facts fully disclosed in advance, and may form their own judgments about the presentations. It remains for the audience to determine whether an individual’s outside interests may reflect a possible bias in either the exposition or the conclusions presented.

Following are the invited speaker names and whether or not there are conflicts. If individuals have disclosed real or apparent financial interests or relationships with regard to the subject matter of this meeting, the interests or relationships are described. If the individual indicated that there were no conflicts that is shown as well.

2017 SMRT Annual Meeting Invited Speakers:

Bizzi, Alberto    
Carr, James   Siemens: Grant/Research Support; Guerbet: Consultant; Bayer Healthcare Pharma/Schering: Consultant; Circle: Consultant
Chin, Frederick   No Conflict
Connelly, Alan    
Comeau, Cindy   No Conflict
Culbreth, Luann    
Golsch, Amanda   No Conflict
Grant, Patricia Ellen   No Conflict
Graves, Martin   No Conflict
Griswold, Mark    
Hernando, Diego   No Conflict
Lee, Vivian   No Conflict
McRobbie, Donald   Siemens: Speakers Bureau, Lecturer on MR Physics in educational course run by company; Toshiba: Speakers Bureau, Lecturer on MR Physics in educational courses run by company; Eden Learning: Speakers Bureau, Lecturer on MR Physics in educational courses run by company
McWalter, Emily   No Conflict
Moseley, Michael   No Conflict
Muthurangu, Vivek   No Conflict
Rajan, Sunder S.   No Conflict
Schmierer, Klaus   Hoffman-LaRoche: Consultant; Blizard Institute (Neuroscience): Consultant;
Queen Mary University of London: Consultant; Teya: Consultant;
Merck: Consultant
Other Financial Interests / Relationships:
PI of trials sponsored by Novartis, Roche, Teya and Medday
Involved in trials sponsored by Biogen, Genzyme, BIAL, Cytokinetics, Canbex
Speaking honoraria from, and/or served in an advisory role for Biogen, Merck, Merck Inc., Novartis, Roche, Teya
Supported by Genzyme to attend AAN 2014
Research grant support from Novartis, Biogen, National MS Society (US), MS Society of Great Britain & Northern Ireland, Royal College of Radiologists, and Barts Charity
Setsompop, Kawin   Siemens: Grant/Research Support; General Electric: Patent Licensing; Philips: Patent Licensing; Samsung: Patent Licensing
Shellock, Frank G.   No Conflict
Steckner, Michael   Toshiba: Employment
Sunaert, Stephen    
Tong, Karen   No Conflict
Totman, John   No Conflict
Witte, Robert J.   No Conflict