2018 SMRT Abstract Awards

Proffered Paper Award Recipients

President’s Award

Rebecca Glarin, B.Appl.Sc. (MedRads)
MREYE – Are You Winking at Me?

Research Focus Awards

1st Place Research Focus Award
Ingrid Op’t Hof, Dipl.Rad.(CV)(R)
Examining the Effects of SMS and GRAPPA Acceleration on Resting State fMRI Signal Quality

2nd Place Research Focus Award
Sara Na, Mst
Dynamic MR Imaging of Temporomandibular Joint: Optimal TR and Flip Angle to Maximize Contrast with true FISP Real Time Cine at 3.0T

3rd Place Research Focus Award
Ben Kennedy, B.Appl.Sc., Mst(MRI)
Clinical Advantages Using Black Blood 3D T1 Gadolinium Enhanced Imaging in the Brain for Metastatic Tumour Spread

Clinical Focus Awards

1st Place Clinical Focus Award
Petronella Samuels, B.Tech.
Improving MR Spectroscopy in the Liver with a Small Number of Averages by Accurate Voxel Placement

2nd Place Clinical Focus Award
Rachelle Meissner, MMRT, B.Appl.Sc.(MRS)
The Expanding Role of MRI in Brachytherapy Planning

3rd Place Clinical Focus Award
Mark Smith, MS, R.T.,(R)(MR)
Free Breathing Motion Insensitive T1-weighted MR Enterography using a Golden-Angle Radial Acquisition at 3 Tesla