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8 Barlow, Laura
Development of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Interleaved with fMRI: Paving the Way for Human Trials at UBC with Phantom Testing
Oral 1st Clinical Proffered Paper Award Winner
Cahoon, Glenn

Developing a Protocol for Virtual Reality Preparation of Children Undergoing Magnetic Resonance Imaging
9 Campbell, Jon
7T MRI Compatibility of a Cohort of 3T MRI Safe Participants
10 Chappell, Karyn
MRI but Not as You Know It!
11 Craig, Autumn
MRI Optimization and Feasibility of Orthopedic Knee Applications on 7T versus 3T
Oral 3rd Research Proffered Paper Award Winner
Desiderio, Lisa

Comparison of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Techniques at 3 Tesla and 7 Tesla for Detection of 2-Hydroxyglutarate (2HG) in IDH Mutant Gliomas
12 Ding, Qiuping
Stability and Variability Estimation for Multicenter T1 Measurement Using Residual Bootstrap Analysis: Phantom and Human Study
13 Ding, Qiuping
Pre-scan Protocol Optimization for High b Value DWI using Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) Phantom
14 Epperson, Karla
Implementing Practical Application of EEG-fMRI Procedures
15 Epperson, Kevin
Achieving High Image Quality in Diffusion-Weighted Imaging in the Breast
16 Estkowski, Lloyd
Accelerated 3D TOF Carotid Imaging Using Parallel Imaging and Compressed Sensing
17 Feo, Donna
Optimizing Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Neonates and Pediatrics with an Infant Cocoon
18 Geneser, Michael
Visualizing Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension with 2D & 3D T2 Fatsat in MRI
1 1st Research Poster Award Winner
Gray, Erin

Brain MR Elastography: Imaging Tumor Stiffness
19 Griffin, Rebecca
MRI Safety Evaluation and Review of Current Practice for Logan Hospital MRI
20 Hailemichael, Makda & Arborelius, Johanna
Practical Aspects of MR-Guided Prostate Biopsies
21 Hansson, Boel
Swedish National Survey on MR Safety
22 Hashimi, Sara
Pre-Surgical Functional MRI in Patients with Brain Tumor - permission withheld
23 Hlasny, Eugen
Trans-Cranial MRgFUS for Management of Tremors - Our Initial Experience
Oral 2nd Clinical Proffered Paper Award Winner
Htun, Michelle Aye Myat Myat

A Practical Approach to RESOLVE DWI in 3T Breast MR Imaging
5 2nd Clinical Poster Award Winner
Ivanic, Nikola

Comparison of Gas Artifacts of Prostate MRI between Patients with and without Enema Preparation
24 Jackson, Kimberly
Impact of Dose Reduction on FDG PET/MR in Patients with Neurodegenerative Diseases - permission withheld
Oral President’s Award Winner
Kennedy, Ben

Short T2 Nerve Imaging using Vascular and Background Tissue Suppression in the Brachial Plexus at 3T
Oral 1st Research Proffered Paper Award Winner
Kennedy, Ben

Pseudo Steady State (PSS) in 2D Fast spin Echo (FSE) Optimization for Image Resolution and Physiological Challenges and at 3T
25 Kleingartner, Marla
Utilizing Prospective Motion Correction to Improve Image Quality in Children and Adolescents
26 Kyotani, Katsusuke
Calf Muscles at Blood Oxygen Level Dependent MR Imaging: Evaluation of Blood Volume using Extrapolated TE
27 Kyotani, Katsusuke
Tissue-Specific Variable Flip Angle of 3D Turbo-Spin Echo on 3.0T System: Improvement of Contrast Resolution and Image Quality on Prostatic Inner Grand as Compared with Standard 3D Turbo-Spin Echo - permission withheld
28 Lange, Cindy
PET/MR Workflow Development: An Effort in Collaboration
29 Lee, Jong Eun
A Quantitative Analysis of Brain Activation Intensity by using a Customized Flexible Sensor in Task-Related fMRI
30 Liao, Huijun
Comparison of 1D and 2D MRS in Evaluation of Brain Metabolism
31 Low, Cheryl
Simultaneous MRI/PET Imaging for Assessment of Traumatic Brain Injury in a Mouse Model
32 Madden, Mike
Incidence Rate of the Magic-Angle Effect in the Oblique Coronal PD-Weighted Images of the Supraspinatus Tendon - permission withheld
33 Matsuura, Ryutaro
Evaluation of Motion Artifact in Readout Segmented DWI with multiple b-Value
34 Monma, Masahiko
Effect of Fragrance in Lowering Psychological Stress during MR Imaging
6 3rd Clinical Poster Award Winner
Negi, Pradeep

Multiparametric Breast Cancer Imaging using Simultaneous PET/MRI: A Feasibility Study
35 Nyman, Charles
Rapid Imaging of the Pancreas Using MRI
36 Op't Hof, Ingrid
Qualitative and Quantitative Comparison of T Mapping Methods at 3 Tesla
37 Orihara, Yumi
Motion Artifact Control in Readout Segmented DWI
38 Quah Shi Shi, Evelyn
The Value of Native T1 Map in Acute Myocardial Infarct
39 Ravanfar, Vahid
Comparing Feet First vs. Head First Positioning Coverage for a Whole Body PET/MR Study
40 Rich, Kori
Initial Subject Experience during a 7 Tesla MRI Exam
41 Samuels, Petronella
Reproducibility of Brain Morphometry from MRI Scans Performed at Different Times of Day
2 2nd Research Poster Award Winner
Sanches-Rocha, Liana

Difference in Myo-Inositol Concentration Detected by MR Spectroscopy in Dyslexic Boy's Brains Compared with Control Group: Preliminary Results
42 Sandell, Maria
A Multi-Contrast EPI Sequence for Pediatric Brain MRI Screening
43 Seraydarmansour, Omid
Evaluate the Value of DWI Sequence in Identifying Benign and Malignant Lesion of Cervix in Comparison With Contrast-Enhanced Method
44 Severns, Emily
Quantitative Impact of Uptake Time Reduction in Brain FDG PET/MR for Patients with Cognitive Impairment - permission withheld
4 1st Clinical Poster Award Winner
Simeonov, Anna
The Role of Multi-Parametric MRI in High Dose Rate Brachytherapy Treatment Planning for Prostate Cancer
45 Simonsen, Helle
MR Imaging of the Spinal Cord, an Important Tool in the Diagnosis of Patient with Multiple Sclerosis
46 Skehan, Kate
Diurnal Effects on Intracranial Brain Volume using Auto Segmented MRI - permission withheld
47 Smith, Mark
3D T1-Weighted Gradient Echo Versus 3D T1-Weighted Fast Spin Echo in the Contrast Enhanced Brain at 3.0 T
48 Smith, Mark
Calculating R2 at 3T and 1.5T for Pituitary Iron Assessment
49 Stateczny, Gina
A Review of MR Labeling Information Related to IEC 62570 Standardized MR Safe and MR Conditional Labeling Requirements of Commercially Available MRI Accessories
50 Stenger, Benjamin
Short T2 Nerve Imaging using Vascular and Background Tissue Suppression in the Brachial Plexus at 3T
51 Stolinski, JoEllyn
Comparison of Brain Morphometry Measures Acquired with MP2RAGE and MEMPRAGE
Oral 2nd Research Proffered Paper Award Winner
Talagala, Lori

Effect of Multiband Acquisition on Temporal Signal to Noise Ratio (tSNR) at 3T
52 Tan, Yi Qi
Investigation of Fat Quantification Using Different MRI Imaging Sequences at 3 Tesla
7 JAK Award Winner
Tanaka, Yuka

T1 Mapping for Myocardial MRI Using T1-Weighted Turbo Field Echo Sequence - permission withheld
Oral 3rd Clinical Proffered Paper Award Winner
Wah Kan, Tanya

Simultaneous Bilateral MR Guided Breast Biopsies
53 Walkovich, Bobbie
Measuring Factors Related to Quality Imaging in Fetal MRI
54 Willis, Brandy
Practice Quality Improvement on Post-contrast T1-Weighted MRI of Brain: Comparison of 3D FSE, 3D GRE and 2D SE sequences
55 Willis, Brandy
Whole-Body MRI in Screening of Individuals with Li-Fraumeni Syndrome
3 3rd Research Poster Award Winner
Willis, Brandy

Diffusion Weighted Imaging (DWI) in patients with Breast Cancer
56 Wong, Wilson
3T Imaging of the Lymphatic Pathways of Lower Limbs: Our Experience with MR Lymphangiography