2017 Crues-Kressel Award

The Crues-Kressel Award is for Outstanding Contributions to the Education of Magnetic Resonance Technologists.

The recipient of this year’s award is:

Bobbie K. Burrow, RT(R)(CT)(MR), FSMRT

Bobbie has been a member of the SMRT since its inception in the early 90’s. She was elected to the SMRT Policy Board for two terms and chaired the By-Laws and Local Chapters Committees. Bobbie has served on various committees within the SMRT as well as presented numerous proffered papers and poster presentations at the annual SMRT meetings.

She has also been a question writer for many of the Home Studies. She is always eager to serve the SMRT.

Bobbie was awarded the President’s Award for her abstract presented at the annual meeting in Dallas Texas in 1993.She has been an invited speaker to many national symposiums as well as SMRT Chapter and Regional meetings. Along with her other Georgia colleagues, Bobbie was instrumental in establishing the very first SMRT Chapter of Atlanta which continues to be successful for promoting technologist education through chapter and regional meetings.

She was awarded Fellow of the Section and the Distinguished Service award for her work with the SMRT.

Bobbie’s current role is the Quality and Safety Specialist for 13 magnets at Emory Healthcare. She chairs the MRI Quality and Safety division and strives to achieve quality and safety care for each MRI site within the system. She is a spokesperson for MR technologist education, and truly enjoys her job. Bobbie’s 40 years of service at Emory Healthcare have included MRI and CT supervisor, IR technologist and MRI technologist.

She has established personal and professional relationships across the globe through her interactions with other colleagues in the SMRT.