By Nancy Hill Beluk, R.T.(R), 2020-2021 SMRT President


We all know the feeling that overtakes us as we welcome in a new family member. Whether it is by marriage, birth, adoption or even a pet. The lead up to the big event is filled with great anticipation which is quickly replaced with excitement when the big day arrives.

So, you can imagine my excitement as we welcome two new Chapters into the SMRT family. And I have the pleasure of spreading the good news!

The SMRT would like to officially announce the formation of the Australian National Chapter and the New Zealand National Chapter. While these 2 countries had previously joined forces as the ANZ Chapter, their dedication to MR education and rapid growth has led to the need to become two autonomous entities.

But instead of me explaining things, let’s have Kate Negus, the President of the Australian National Chapter, explain things in her own words. And the same for Sarah Green, the acting-President of the New Zealand National Chapter. Let’s hear her thoughts and vision for leading this energetic group of Radiographers and Technologists into the new year.

Through the formation of Divisions and Chapters, and with the advent of virtual meetings, the SMRT has the potential to reach more members than ever before. And as our on-line education materials continue to grow, we prove to be the premiere provider for MR education.

Happiest of Holidays to All,