ISMRM & SMRT Virtual Conference & Exhibition

2020 SMRT Abstract Awards

Oral Presentation Award Recipients

President’s Award

Xin Dong, (R)
Using Novel Fat Water Separation Sequence to Quantify Intramyocardial Fat-Fraction

Research Focus Oral Presentation Awards

1st Place Research Focus Award
Petronella Samuels, B.Sc.
Metabolite concentrations in the parietal white matter: Is there a difference between left and right hemispheres in young children?

2nd Place Research Focus Award
Nickolas Palmer, PG.Dip. MRI
Tracking basal ganglia volume in Parkinson’s disease over 10 years with MRI

3rd Place Research Focus Award
Kousaku Saotome, (RT)(MR) Ph.D.
Development of the brain phantom for T1- and T2-weighted image showing image contrast and construction similar to those of in vivo MRI

Clinical Focus Oral Presentation Awards

1st Place Clinical Focus Award
Weiling Lee, B.Sc.
Utility of Susceptibility Map-Weighted Imaging for Enhanced Visual Identification of Subthalamic Nucleus at 3T: A Feasibility Study

2nd Place Clinical Focus Award
Nancy Talbot, M.App.Sc.,MRT(MR)(R)
Implementation of Safety Checklist and Protocols for scanning patients with whole body conditional DBS implants

3rd Place Clinical Focus Award
Angela Agostinelli, B.Appl.Sc.
Abbreviated breast MRI: How have we achieved it?